Farm Update: Spring 2017

While the warm winter has been excellent for a long, productive strawberry season, it wasn’t so great for some of our other crops.  The early spring-like temperatures made our plums and blueberries bloom early, and then the mid March freeze took out most of them, wiping out our early variety.  The lack of chill hours led to a reduction in peach and nectarine yields because the buds were unable to break dormancy and bloom.  Because of this, we will only have already picked peaches, plums, and nectarines in our store and will not be opening the orchard for u-pick this year.  In the next couple of weeks, we look forward to blueberries and blackberries coming in (end of May or first of June).  We’ve also planted tomatoes, squash, and peppers and will have sweet corn available this summer.  We still have strawberries and hope to have them throughout the end of May!




About Southern Grace Farms

We are a family owned & operated farm in South Georgia. We grow traditional row crops such as peanuts, cotton, and corn, as well as U-Pick Strawberries and Blackberries in Enigma, GA. We also have a U-Pick Strawberry field in Valdosta, GA.
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