Peanut Flour Sale & Tshirts!

In shuffling our merchandise around as we are building the new store, we realized that we have some peanut flour that we need to sale quickly b/c the best by dates are August 2015.  The flour will last up to another year if refrigerated or frozen, but we don’t need to sell it past August, so for this month, it will be on sale, at cost, if you purchase by the case.  Visit to view/purchase.   Also, we’ve added a t-shirt page to our store (sorry for the look of the page…it’s homemade!)  We are currently working on a new look for the website as well with search options, and just a better flow for information.  Anyway, the t-shirts are super cute and we are offering them at cost also, prices ranging from $10-$12.  You can view those here:

IMG_5968 IMG_6348 IMG_6352 IMG_6518


About Southern Grace Farms

We are a family owned & operated farm in South Georgia. We grow traditional row crops such as peanuts, cotton, and corn, as well as U-Pick Strawberries and Blackberries in Enigma, GA. We also have a U-Pick Strawberry field in Valdosta, GA.
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