Frost Protection!

Frost Protection using above ground irrigation and row covers.

Frost Protection using above ground irrigation and row covers.

IMG_4709 IMG_4710

We plant our strawberries every year in October.  They grow until the weather gets cold, so in November or December they enter a dormant phase.  In what used to be a typical year :), when we start having some warmer days in January and February, the plants will begin to bloom.  The plant can stand Georgia’s coldest temperatures but the blooms and berries cannot.  A ripe, red, strawberry is ready to pick 30 days after the bloom. So if we get freezing temperatures after we have blooms, and we want to protect them, we have to frost protect!  I found some old pictures of our frost protection to share with you guys to show you how we prevent the frost from settling on the blooms/berries.   Sometimes we’ve used both methods at the same time, but we have row covers and/or above ground sprinklers to promote warmth and prevent frost damage.


About Southern Grace Farms

We are a family owned & operated farm in South Georgia. We grow traditional row crops such as peanuts, cotton, and corn, as well as U-Pick Strawberries and Blackberries in Enigma, GA. We also have a U-Pick Strawberry field in Valdosta, GA.
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2 Responses to Frost Protection!

  1. Dewey Bright says:

    Would you let me know if you have strawberries this year that we can pick, time and price. thank you.

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